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ГДЗ грамматика сборник упражнений Голицынский 6 издание

It is the seventh of December. Не забывайте оставлять свои комментарии и ставить оценки! She is a teacher of our school. Whose pen is this? We have breakfast in the kitchen. There is a hotel over there.

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Do you need a camera? She works at school.

Her son has a great sense of humor. She has two daughters and one son.

But tonight I can spend the evening in front of the box, because there is a very interesting film on. We wrote a paper in mathematics. В редакции года встречаются объемные задания, которые содержат от 10 до 30 предложений и являются залогом успешного усвоения информации. Her son is a pupil.

What cassette is she going to buy? Give me that pencil, please.

The dictation was long. Our cat is sitting on the sofa.